A choice of 19 different boots over 5 brands, from the most economic Alexandra model to the top of the range Magnum collection there is something for all normal safety needs. All are tried and tested, built to last, and provide maximum comfort.

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From high quality men's Oxfords and ladies' Court shoes to a range of safety shoes for both office and physical working environments we have something for all business needs in a variety of well-known brands, and to suit every pocket.

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A small but appropriate selection from the renowned Toffeln range of clogs, suitable for use particularly in healthcare environments. All are slip-resistant and anti-static, lightweight yet shock absorbent, and come in a variety of viibrant colours.

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As a one-stop shop for comprehensive ranges of clothing and accessories to suit any kind of working environment the importance of footwear cannot be over-stated.

Just Work Uniforms provides excellent choices of footwear to complement the garments selected, and for the sake of simplicity we are sub-dividing this into 3 separate categories, namely Boots, Shoes, and Clogs.

In keeping with the rationale behind the garments supplied through our website all the footwear has been designed for functionality and style, and aimed at providing comfort and long-term durability for its wearers, and almost all have the "safety" tag, incorporating reinforcement features that are required for most job functions these days.  Top safety brands in shoes and boots are available, with a range of materials,  and features incorporated such as slip-resistance and steel toe-caps, in order to cater for all needs, tastes, and budgets.  All are approved to various classifications within the scope of EN20345 (also EN20347 for 2 Magnum models).   Have a look at the value of what is offered in each case and choose whatever best fits your own or your organisation’s criteria and pocket. With the brands Alexandra, Dr Martens, Caterpillar, Black Rock, Anvil and the renowned range of Magnum boots we have everything to suit your requirements in safety footwear, even including Rigger boots and Wellingtons.  

To accompany Business and Hospitality dress we offer a limited but practical choice of men’s and ladies’ shoes, and specifically for the Healthcare sector there is a choice of 5 Toffeln slip-resistant and anti-static clogs, ideal and well tried and tested in the hospital and care home environments.   Why go elsewhere when you can buy them from us along with your clothing needs?