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For nurses who prefer dresses to tunics and trousers we provide a choice of 9 different contemporary designs, plus two for maternity wear.  All are made from hard-wearing but lightweight poly/cotton fabrics in a variety of weights, and all are available in a range of colours, up to 22 in the case of the popular HP297.  All have attractively contrasting trim colours on the collars, sleeve hems and pocket edges.
Suitable for use in hospitals, nursing homes and surgeries, most are provided in 4 lengths; short, regular, tall, and unhemmed, thus offering complete flexibility, although HP370W, HE227, and H211W, as well as the Maternity versions, are all provided as unhemmed.   Easy care is a consistent feature, and they are all suitable for industrial laundering. Elegant and providing maximum comfort, this range represents superb value for nursing staff in hospitals, nursing and care homes etc.