Womens Trousers

We offer a concise range of 12 styles of trouser in a variety of designs, fits and fabrics, to accompany the large range of tunics available (see separate section) and cater for all tastes in enabling healthcare staff to look smart, in well-coordinated uniform ensembles, additionally providing comfort and ease of garment care.
There are styles and fits to suit just about every personal preference, with flat or pleated fronts, elasticated waist options, cargo and bootleg styles, and a variety of polyester and polyester/cotton fabrics in different weights. Suitable for nurses and all medical support staff in hospitals, surgeries and for domestic and nursing home carers. Colour choices are available, many options in the case of W40 and NF640, and a more limited but practical selection, generally in shades of navy, black, bottle green  and grey in the case of the other 10 styles.