Chefs Clothing, Catering and Hospitality Uniforms

Just Work Uniforms provides a comprehensive range of clothing to fit every job function related to catering and hospitality, from front of house to the heat of the kitchen.  Whether for public or private catering, we have a modern range of garments, offering comfort and functionality to suit you, whether behind the scenes or dealing with your customers. We have something for all, and can personalise them for you by adding your own logo, name or title, to make them unique to you.

Indeed, the latest designs in our "Precision” range of branded chefs wear would look as good in your restaurant as in the kitchen, made using Cooltex moisture wicking breathable fabric in lightweight 50% cotton / 50% Polyester, giving necessary comfort when toiling over a hot stove, with the addition of 100% Coolmax underarm panels.   The more traditional styles are also readily available, and some colour options add variety to the choices on offer.

Bib and waist aprons are available both in their traditional form and also in innovative styles for that modern look, with a large choice of colours. Formal and informal dress uniforms are included for waiters and stewards, supported by a variety of shirt styles, plus blouses and tops for ladies.

Two important areas of activity not to be forgotten are Housekeeping, for which we provide several smart multi-colour choices in "easycare" tabards, tunics, coats and dresses, and the Food Trade, involving the suppliers, manufacturers and processors of food, for whom a dedicated range of coats, coveralls and aprons are available.  

Our range of catering clothing is both functional, modern, and stylish, and will help to create the right image in whatever form of catering your business is involved.