Hi-Vis & PPE

PPE Coveralls

Coveralls giving varying degrees of protection, ranging from a Pulsar Teflon coated model to the high-spec SW37 multi-functional coverall. All conform to appropriate EN standards.

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PPE Jackets

A wide choice of hi-vis /PPE garments ranging from a budget-priced events waistcoat to the Habetex flame-proof jackets and including the brands Goretex, Pulsar and Alexandra.

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PPE Trousers

Trousers to match and accompany appropriate PPE Jackets, and offering specific protective properties such waterproofing and flame retardancy.

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PPE Polo Shirts

Hi-vis Alexandra/Pulsar polo and sweatshirts, all in orange or yellow, plus a navy flame retardant t-shirt and polo shirt with 2 placket colour options.

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PPE Eye and Face Protection

Goggles and face masks providing protection fom chemical and atmospheric hazards, from well-known brand manufacturers.

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PPE Gloves

A huge range of gloves from Alexandra, all reasonably priced, from basic rigger gloves to those giving protection against almost all normal workplace hazards.

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Essential protective accessories for use in the workplace, including safety helmets, ear plugs, ear defenders etc.

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In this health and safety-conscious age there has never been a greater need for suitable safety clothing and equipment.   Our range of hi-visibility and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) covers all basic safety needs, well-supported by a range of essential accessories.

All physical jobs require special training, both in the function and not least in the safety aspects of work.   The correct protection against any potential hazards is therefore essential to help personnel carry out their duties safely for both them and those around them.

Just Work Uniforms offers a comprehensive range of Hi-vis jackets and parkas, trousers, waistcoats and coveralls, using the very best fabrics from leading manufacturers, all fully tested and accredited to appropriate EN Standards. Additional speciality garments offering flame retardancy, anti-static and heat resistance, add to a range that offers something for every requirement.  Even welders are accommodated with a special jacket and trouser.

The high quality branded garments are complemented by a large selection of protective items such as hard hats and caps, visors, ear defenders, goggles, face masks, and a range of over 30 types of glove, offering something for every conceivable need in the work environment.

The items offered in this category can all be worn in conjunction with t-shirts, polo shirts etc., which can be found in the Workwear section of the website. Also in the Workwear section are some of the hi-vis jackets and waistcoats shown here which are popular with Security and Events (stewarding) staff.